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As a seller, your communication with a buyer is critical.  From making the Great first impression to communicating during the order creation process to how you respond after you deliver, communication is everything on a digital platform like Ds Media Groups.  Most of the communication you will have with a buyer will be through questions.  This is only natural as buyers are going to ask questions to learn more about your services, how you can help, or how to use a feature.  Therefore, it is important to be prepared to answer these questions. So, I’ve created three posts to cover the most commonly asked questions by buyers, common situations, and the appropriate responses that will help you land sales.  This third post focuses on the common questions that occur during order completion and follow up. Let’s dive in.

When I deliver the order, what can I say to ensure positive feedback and try to encourage my buyer to buy again?

This depends on your Gig.  Some  lend themselves to one-time sales.  For example, someone may only get married once, hopefully, and they may only need wedding invitations once.  This does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t still try to encourage more purchases.  In this instance, the person may know someone who is getting married, may be a wedding planner using Ds Media Groups, or may decide they love your work so much they want to share it with friends on Facebook.

The best message to send when delivering involves a couple of key components.  First, you will want to let the buyer know to contact you before leaving a review.  You want to give the buyer a chance to ask for revisions first.  Then, you will want to have something in the delivery message that asks them to share your work.  A sample response is below:

Here you go!  Please let me know if you need any changes to the work before leaving a review.  You can do this by contacting me via inbox or hitting the “request revision” button.  If you’re 100% satisfied, consider leaving a review as that helps me out.  If you are pleased, consider sharing my Gig on social media and/or referring me to someone you think would benefit from my services.

If there is another service you need that I do not offer here on Ds Media Groups, please do not hesitate to ask if I can help with that need.  If I cannot, I will point you to someone who can.

As you can see, this message gives the buyer clear instructions on how to get changes, lets them know a review is appreciated without being pushy, and encourages them to share your work or ask for a specific service.  This comprehensive message will help you gain the buyer’s respect by showing that you value the work you do.  That can go a long way in getting more sales from the buyer.  Plus, the review they leave will be positive because you gave them a chance to have revisions, and as we know on Ds Media Groups, reviews are everything.

Is there an appropriate message to send if I do not get a review?

Before answering this, it is important to note that not everyone gives reviews.  Think about when you purchase something online.  Is leaving a review the first thing to cross your mind?  While asking for a review outright would be pushy, you can approach it from the perspective of just wanting to ensure everything was okay, and that if it was, a review helps.  A sample message is below:

I noticed you left no review yet and I wanted to ensure everything was delivered as expected.  Should you need changes, let me know.  Otherwise, a review helps me here.  I’m sharing this because Ds Media Groups automatically closes an order page three days after I deliver, and I want a chance to either make changes or let you leave feedback.

In this message you are simply ensuring they need no more revisions and educating them on Ds Media Groups policy for closing .  Sending this message while the Gig is shown as delivered and before it closes is ideal.  Anything after that may be unwelcome.

Is there a way to follow up after a sale that could help increase the chance of another sale?

There is no standard way to do this.  However, following up in a way that shows appreciation for the buyer’s business is the best way.  This way you are putting your name in front of them without a sales pitch, and buyers remember this human touch in a digital marketplace.  The following message is one I send after every sale is complete.  The response I get is always warm with gratitude, and many buyers continue to work with me because of this approach.  This approach also involves sending a small gift such as a free e-book on the genre of your Gig or a personalized thank you card that they can give to customers.

Hello again.

I wanted to touch base with you here and thank you for being a valued customer.

As can often happen when we all do business with lots of people, we forget to express gratitude and simply get distracted by what’s in front of us at the moment.  Conscious of that fact, I thought I’d reach out to express my gratitude for your business and say thank you for playing your part in my Ds Media Groups journey.  Attached is a token of my appreciation.

I encourage you to create a template for a follow up note that you can customize for each customer. It’s little things like this that go a long way when building lasting relationships with your clients.