Graphic designs will Big Impact for your business

Deep Samaddar

June 09, 2018

The right type of business graphics can turn your business presence from blah to wow, attracting more customers. We live in a visual world currently, the better you’re graphics the more attention you attract. Graphics that lead you through the product are eye-catching and far more engaging than a plainer graphics. This captivates your customer into wanting to know more information about your service or product.

Business graphics start with the name emphasized with larger letters and a bold typeset. Logo Design can incorporate images, vector graphics, color, and special effects

Increase Message Impact

• Adding a border can increase the reading time by 26%.

• A second color increases retention by 78%.

• Special effects increase noticeability by creating impact.

• A simple graphic communicates more information in less time than text.

• Graphics frequently activate other senses that stimulate the desired action.

• Unique business graphics make a sign more noticeable and attracts the attention of more viewers.

The more information you can give us about how and what you want your business to represent, the more efficient we can be in the design process.

Graphic images or designs can be on a surface such as a window, a wall, canvas, paper, screens, wood or stone to name a few, that is used to illustrate, entertain or inform.‚Äč

Business graphics can be produced in a number of ways including computer, free-hand, paintings, photographs, etc. Graphics often combine elements like illustrations, text, and color making it a multimedia presentation.

Even graphics without words can convey your message. “This snowmobile is fast”, or “The guy on this sled is badass”.

Graphic design is functional as well as artistic, lending to a more creative avenue than other media. Sign it Now’s design team will help you create:

• Company Logos

• Business Cards

• Brochures

• Stickers

• Decals

• Custom Design Signs

• Banners

• Vehicle Wraps

• And More

to promote your business, bringing it to the next level.