Finally, a Freelancer website with better prospects

Deep Samaddar

September 07, 2018

Freelancing marketplaces have many types of work. Over time, the demand for some work has increased and some decreases. So, to build a career in freelancing, we will have to decide on the work trends and the demand for a job will increase further in the future. Then you have to learn the specific task well and make a career based on it. We have made a review on existing work in the current freelancing marketplace which will help you understand the trends of the work. Here's the analysis of the third-quarter work of the last year in various categories. Hopefully, reading the following analytical discussion will help you realize that the demand for a job will increase further in the coming days and that will help you to choose a suitable job sector.

 Web design & development

There are so many ways to earn money through freelancing online, in which Web design & development is undoubtedly the best. Currently, there is a lot of work available in both the web design and development sectors. For web development, coding is required according to site type. For static websites such as HTML, CSS is used. On the other hand, PHP, ASP, Python, Ruby, etc. to create dynamic websites, as well as MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle etc. are used in the database. So in addition to coding work, there are numerous functions of the database and available. In addition to these, e-commerce, web programming, bug fixing etc. are available. According to a study, in the third quarter of the year, the work of HTML 5 increased by 44 percent as its 3038 work, its work growth rate for JND-PHP, 35061 was 19 percent. Moreover, the growth rate of CSS and Quoin’s workforce was 19 percent and 32 percent respectively. The amount of work of both of them is 7099 and 2912 respectively. So anyone who wishes to accept Web Design & Development as a career.


Many people in our country are well-established today by choosing the search engine optimization (SEO) carrier. So today SEO can prove to be a good sector to build the career. Everyday SEO work is being deposited in freelancing marketplaces. The demand for SEO is always there. Because any business or other website authority will always want to promote their website so that it is in the top of the search engine. And to promote the site, SEO must be done for the site. One study found that 10509 workloads of search engine optimization increased by about 12 percent. So those who are working in SEO do not have to be frustrated, rather, they have to continue working patiently. But to be successful in this sector, quality of work must be good. For beginners, once you get a job and do it well by professional level maintenance, then there is no problem getting his job done later.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is such a field, which is growing day by day. A professional designer can earn from this sector more than a thousand dollars a month.