Freelancer is better than jobs

Deep Samaddar

September 07, 2018

As a student can start freelance careers, other people involved in other activities can also create a regular operative PayPal freelance carrier.

How to Start

First of all, think about doing a freelance career. In this case, my advice is to do the job that you are already doing in the profession, if possible, you can do the same in the online marketplace.

Actually, maybe you are working as a bank accountant. In that case, you can do accounting at Enlace or Odes. If you have a good organization at the end of the study, you can hire a marketing consultant in the online marketplace. Architect, electrical engineer, financial analyst, software developer, web developer, graphic designer - professionals of any work can start a freelance career. The advantage is, no new ones Ajar is to learn and get work experience and will be easy to remember.

How long or how much work will be done

Since you are already in a job or job, there is no need to take a lot of workloads. It would be ideal for you to do a small work or something that can be done in a short time or day. For example, to work as a full-time writer, it will be good for you to finish writing 5-10 articles. Not just writing, it's just for any purpose.

How to express your experience

When creating profiles in IL lance or Odes, we have to create a profile like everyone else. Initially, you have to overview, know what works, list those, test their skills, and give them a skill test. But the benefit that will be available is because they have already begun their professional work, they will be able to highlight the information in their work ethics. Write where you are doing the job, what you are doing, etc. on the profile. Scan certificates, job certificates, etc, then scan and upload to the portfolio.

Do not work at the rate

In this case, my advice will be to check that there are people who are working on your skill level in the marketplace, who are working on the rate. Freelancing work can be searched in the same way that the online marketplace is looking for. Find out where other freelancers profile and job rates are available. If you think that is acceptable to you, then select that rate for yourself. But yes, remember that you are an experienced professional - but you will not be able to apply at the lowest rate. However, the client can drop you out of the brand new queue.

And whatever can do

Always try to fully communicate with professionalism. It is not good to know English, but there is a professionalism in your words and writing. Try to understand the work of the client and never take the task that you cannot understand. It is better not to apply for such a job. There is nothing to fear after getting the job. If you need to tell the client you do not understand the job. The client will see your honesty and professionalism as the best.


Finally, I do not have any new or old things in the work - skilled people can stay in all places. Keep your work perfect, mind your communication skills and work in the marketplace rules. Keeping these things will bring success.