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Deep Samaddar

September 07, 2018

Online sales have now become a very profitable business venture. Many new businessmen now choose to sell their products online as a way of business. There are many paths open before them. Which one to choose depends on their business objectives, the nature of the business, business size, and so on. Let's see if there are several ways to sell online and what are the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Facebook Pages

The easiest and popular medium for online marketing in our country is Facebook's various business pages. Here, one can open a business page and start selling the product without having to pay any kind of money.

•    Many people in our country are still talking about the Internet.

•    We spend a few times every day on Facebook. Due to the number of Facebook users, the products reach more people through Facebook pages.

•    There is no technical knowledge required to run Facebook pages.

•    Anyone who can update Facebook status updates and upload photos can start selling product pages and start selling products.

•    People like to like or comment on Facebook Because of this, Facebook has more than double the number of Facebook users to engage or increase interaction on their business pages.

•    Facebook has a comment or inbox message for purchasing a buyer's product. The process of ordering a product for a buyer is very easy, in the same way, the process of order processing for the seller is also easy.

•    Prospective buyers can be attracted by boosting the Facebook post by spending money.


Another convenient media marketplace for online retailers. There are many marketplaces in our country where buyers are good at meeting the seller. Vendors can open an account in the marketplace shortly after starting the online business.

•    The process of selling and selling the marketplace is quite easy and the sale process is quite simple. Only upload images of the product and adding details, the sale can be started.

•    Do not worry about marketplace domains and hosting.

•    If there is more than a visitor or shopkeeper in the Marketplace, then there is a greater chance of selling the product.

•    Marketplaces are available according to the category of product, through which there are opportunities to display the same brand of different brand products to potential customers.

•    The marketplace has the opportunity to highlight its products in exchange for money, which can be helpful in promoting products to a buyer.

•    The seller's responsibility for the sale of the goods often takes the marketplace, in which case the seller does not have to take responsibility for the logistics or liability.

•    The marketplace has all the options for online payment, so the buyer or seller does not have to worry about payment.

 Custom e-commerce website

The traditional e-commerce website is the primary e-commerce website that sells online products. Customized websites can be attracted to the customer by making the right marketing and promotion according to their own preferences. Without the own website, the seller's brand image is never established.

•    The business owner's first identity or address is its own e-commerce website, there is no alternative to own website for establishing a brand of its own business.

•    Sellers can establish a relationship with the buyer general through the sale of products on their own website, create a customer database which is very helpful for the improvement of its business.

•    Customize your website according to your own preferences and needs, inventory, payment system, delivery systems are all in control.

•    Selling on own website can be done by following the business policy of your own business, branding yourself, the website is an investment through which the relationship between trustees and trust can be established.

•    In order to understand the business pace, various insights and analytics, such as sales reports, order reports, transaction reports, etc. with Google analytics are available in any customized format on your website.

•    Regardless of the size of your business, you can scale up your website accordingly, inexhaustible.

•    Website SEO can be found in search engines and generates more organic traffic.

•    Since the entire business has its own control, it is the first and foremost to trade independently of its own e-commerce website.


In fact, all the medium of the sale of an online merchant's product should be used. But Facebook or any other communication medium should not be used as a means of buying products but should be used mainly for the promotion of products. Marketplaces are more in demand for shoppers, and marketplace helps to sell the seller's products in front of the customer, so anyone can choose a marketplace as the easiest way to sell the product. However, the existence of your online business will be your own e-commerce website design. If you have a big business opportunity, if you want to establish your own business brand, your own e-commerce website design is your first online address. Creating a website is a matter of technical difficulty, but the process of creating e-commerce websites through modern technology is now very easy. Storia is a specialized e-commerce platform where you can create and manage your own e-commerce site at the fastest, fastest and fastest time!